The layout at a glance:

Name: The Rio Chama & Northern Railroad Company
Scale: HO (1:87)
Size: 14" x 15" (always changing)
Theme: Class 1 (UP, D&RGW, SP, AT&SF, T&P) / Class 47 (Rio Chama & Northern, Rio Chama & Southern, Rio Chama Lumber)
Locale: Rocky Mountains, San Juan Mountains
Era: 1950s
Layout style: partially modular
Scenery construction: plaster on Styrofoam
Layout height: 44 - 55 inches
Benchwork: IKEA Sten/Gorm
Roadbed: rubber on plywood
Maximum grade: 3,5 %
Length of mainline run: approx. 160 ft.
Track: Maerklin K
Minimum curve radius: 22' (on visible track)
Backdrop: wall
Control: Maerklin Systems

Current plans:

Final Plan as of today:

Temporary plans, if final plan is to ambitious:

Some fotos from construction

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Some othertrackplans:

Currently in progress or finished

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