Mikado 2-8-2 #1890

Rolling stock:

Rio Chama & Northern

The Rio Chama and Northern never bought any new freight cars. They either
acquired used, worn-out equipment from other roads or
they just went to large scrap yards near Omaha, Atchison, Santa Fe or St. Louis.

Only one time they bought a brand new 40 ft.-gondola; needless to say that
it was a special offer, but the owner of RC & N, Horace P. Vestibule III was very proud of it.

It was brought to the yard on a cold, foggy morning and the boss wanted to
have it prepared right away. So he went to the canteen, woke up Willy, who most of the
time was to be found there asleep and yelled "Hey Willy, get up on your feet, go to the
depot and make 21 out of our new gondola"

Willy, the dumb repair guy, still half asleep got up. When he arrived at the depot he
didn`t remember all what he was told. The only words he recalled were "feet" and "21".

So he started.....

In the late evening, when Mr. Vestibule went home, he heard unusual noise
coming from the depot, but he didn`t think further about it.

The next morning Willy, looking tired, reported to Mr. Vestibule: "Good morning boss, the
job is done but what number do you want to have on this car ?"
Mr. Vestibule could not believe his eyes, when he saw the result of Willy's nightshift:

So the only ever brand-new freight car ended up to be a 21 ft.-gondola

Vorher - Nachher: Aus 4 mach 3 (bei ebay für einen Euro erworben) + das Fahrgestell einer alten Caboose
ergaben einen kleinen MOW-Zug

Passenger car #11

Combine #17

Baggage #74

Box car #89

Box car #56

Reefer #2332

Water car #49

Flat car #73

Rio Chama & Northern 589 - flat

Flat car #57

Flat cars #35, #33 and #36

Flat car #24010

Depressed center flat car #50

Gondolas #58 and #61

Gondola #21

Tank car #92

Tank Car #98

Tank car #90

Tank car #95

Hopper #215

Hopper #265

Hopper #302

Hopper #334

Hopper #345

Hopper #18067

Boxcar #7407

Short Caboose #89
Another goof by Willy. He had to letter this caboose 98 but
switched the figures. Now, having two #89's the box car is usually dispatched as
#89B and the caboose as #89C

Short Caboose #67

Long Caboose #45

Long Caboose #51

Rio Chama Lumber Co.

Boxcar #556

Flat car #705

Skeleton Log Loaders

Gondola #90

Short Caboose #69

Long Caboose #86

Rio Chama & Southern

Gondola #38

Short Caboose #3

Short Caboose #755

The first engine for the Rio Chama.

It was inherited by Horace P. Vestibule III from his grandpa of Switzerland,
Horatio P. Veschtibühl after he passed away in 1945

This picture was made in 1942 at Basel

Baggage car and short caboose for Rio Chama & Northern

Long Caboose #1951 for Rio Chama & Northern (yet w/o roof)

Caboose for Rio Chama Lumber Co.